Meet Abby Guthmann

Abby Guthmann is a PhD student and a member of the Lion Center team at the University of Minnesota. She earned her bachelor’s degree in biology at Lawrence University and focused her thesis on hierarchical relationships in captive Japanese Macaques. As an undergraduate she also traveled to Tanzania to do research on group composition and behavior in wild African elephants.

After graduating she gained a variety of work experience in captive research facilities and in the field. Much of her work has involved camera trapping, collaring and radio telemetry, and she has assisted on projects relating to felids in Belize, meso-carnivores in Los Angeles, and black bears in North Carolina.

Her current research focuses on how cattle management strategies may affect ecosystem health and human-wildlife conflict mitigation in conservancies surrounding the Maasai Mara in Kenya. She is interested in behavioral adaptation, especially in response to anthropogenic disturbance, and hopes to contribute to the conservation of vulnerable populations in increasingly altered landscapes.


Read about Abby’s research in the conservancies surrounding the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

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