Progress report from Namibia

“The drive for conserving the desert-adapted lions of northwest Namibia has never been stronger and the need to limit human-lion conflict never clearer. “

The Lion Rangers organization in Namibia released its first annual report, which details the work done to conserve the desert lion by reducing conflict with humans.

Indianapolis Zoo lion death

“The attack that occurred took everyone by surprise; it surprised me,. I’ve never heard of a female attacking a male. … Extreme aggression of females to males is definitely unique.”

Dr. Packer was quoted in several news reports about a lioness that killed the father of her cubs at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Third graders take on the “Big Cat Challenge”

Third graders in Alberta, Canada talk about what they learned from doing research on desert lions as part of National Geographic’s Big Cats Classroom Challenge focusing on the work of Lion Center team member John Heydinger. Heydinger is a National Geographic Society Explorer who lives and works at Wereldsend (World’s End) basecamp in remote northwest Namibia. He studies the desert-adapted lions of Namibia.

Learn more about John’s research and his work with the Lion Rangers here.

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